Scripture hyperlink error (not recognizing the Scripture Reference )

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    I’ve just added a Glossary to the right at end of the NT (ie: it is like a complete book of it’s own which people can go to and read).

    I discovered that in the Glossary for each term given the hyperlink for the biblical reference is not being recognized, the Book name is it not being underlined, only the chapters and verses are. So when you click on the hyperlink/underlined.text it doesn’t jump to the right location in the NT. In paratext 7.6, I get no hyperlink at all for the Chapters and Verses however it is there in the app.

    Has anyone experienced this?

    What is the solution to this problem?

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    It would be helpful if we could reproduce this problem in order to work out what is happening. Please can you contact our support volunteers ( and find a way of sending some sample files to them so we can investigate it. Thanks.

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