Audio Timings and section reference

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    When I’m using Aeneas for estimating timings it seems to underestimate the section headings which has section references immediately following it. How can I get Aeneas to set more time aside for the Section heading?

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    Good question. I would like to know as well how to improve Aeneas’ timing files.

    In my scripture reading I have music intros for each chapter, and section headings with music as well.

    I can set the timing in Aeneas to skip the music at the start of the chapter, but it seems that once Aeneas hits a section heading it is off timing.

    Aeneas is a help but at least for me, I still have to go over each chapter verse by verse sometimes correcting 15 seconds or more. It is nice that in SAB 3.2 the fine tuning of timing files allows for 1 second as well as .1 second adjustments so it doesn’t really take too long to fix the timing files.

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